Tool Design

Tool Design

After a mega Easter break we are back, I want to talk about design in tools in particular Stair tools, this simple tool has had much thought put into it over the years, developing it in to the tool we see today. No longer straight sided cumbersome lump of metal. But into a angular tool designed to get to the edge of the wall skirting without causing damage and scrapping.

Roberts Stair tool has both angular corners and a sculpted grip coated with a plastic grip surface giving confidence back to the fitter using this tool. Simple elegant well balanced and strong. The EZ tuk also from the Roberts stable  is a non marking plastic stair tool designed with safety in mind giving the carpet fitter confidence to be able to work around porcelain and marble in fire surrounds and bathrooms. Again we see the angular design coming into play.

There is also a T handle design which allows the fitter to use his whole body weight to force carpet into the tread and riser of the stair without the use of the mallet this in its turn is less likely to weaken the stairs, which are often poorly constructed. 

Then we come to the curved stair tool were the main body rounded to get under radiators and other awkward places.

So there we have the 4 main designs of stair tool a simple but well thought out.